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Team England - ETC Charter

The purpose of this document is to detail a number of key elements behind the running of the English 40k ETC team. These include: selection process for the Captain each year; selection of the players; details about the expectation of members of the team; and finally an outline of the preparation required for the ETC.

Captain’s Selection Process
Each year the process of selecting the Captain for the next ETC event takes place within 2 months of the finish of the previous year’s tournament.

To run for the captaincy of the team you need to have been a playing team member on the ETC team in the previous 3 years.

Candidates must put their names forward within 1 month of the finish of the previous year’s tournament. If no new candidates apply for the position the Captain from the previous year retains his captaincy automatically unless they decide to step down.

After all the candidates have put their name forward they must each present their position and plans on how they would lead the team to the voting members of the squad. This must take the form of a written bid for the captaincy posted on this forum.

Voting members of the squad are all the playing team members of either the Home Nations or ETC team, as well as the 9th non-playing member of the ETC team, in the previous 3 years.

Any previous team members, who have subsequently played for another ETC or Home Nation team since last playing for Team England forfeits their right to vote.

The vote for captaincy is a simple majority vote which will be an open vote held within the private section of this forum. In the case of a tie, if the previous captain is one of the two candidates with the top number of votes they will retain their captaincy. This vote must be concluded within 2 months of the previous year’s event finishing.

Once the Captain has been selected they will remain the captain until the end of the ETC tournament. The only reason for a captaincy change mid season is if for some reason the current captain can no longer attend the event.

Players Selection Process
To compete at the ETC we take a team of 8 players, each using a different army, playing against some of the best players from all over Europe and beyond. Selecting a team is no easy task, as there are so many great players in the UK to choose from. To help ensure the best team is chosen we have a selection system in place, the system works as follows:

The Team Captain is on the Team, unless they choose to be a non-playing Captain.

He then picks two players from the top five of the Rankings. This selection should be done by the end of October. These two players then form an advisory committee for the Captain; they help him to select the next two players, which must be selected from the top 16 in the Rankings by the end of December.

Then the final three players can be selected from anywhere, they can feature in the Rankings, but equally they don't have to be on the system at all. The last three players will be selected by the end of January.

The aim of this selection system is to give more transparency how you can get on to the English team, while still allowing the flexibility to pick the strongest team, especially taking into consideration the fact 8 different armies need to be played to a high level to compete.

Here are some additional guidelines that will effect selection of players:

1) Nationality
This is the English ETC Team and it is the Captain’s responsibility to select the strongest possible English Team. So while under the ETC Rules the team is only required to have 4 English players, the aim of the Captain should be to pick English players. As such, being English by Nationality will weigh as significantly in a candidate’s favour during the selection process.

2) Disciplinary Record
Any player that has previously attended an ETC event (representing any nation) and has been the recipient and / or the cause of Disciplinary action shall not be eligible for selection for the next ETC event. Further any player that has been evicted / banned/ red-carded from any tournament (domestic or international) within the last 12 months will have to present a case for selection to the Committee explaining the penalty and what action they have taken.

3) Commitment
Being a member of an ETC team requires a significant commitment to the event and the preparation beforehand. Players that drop out once the team has been selected cause significant disruption to the team and its chances of success. Players that have previously dropped out will need to provide evidence to the Captain that this will not happen again - and should be prepared to make guarantees should they be selected.

4) Available Funds
The costs associated with being a Team Member are significant and prospective players need to be able to commit to meeting them, these costs include (but are not limited to):




New Models / Units / Armies required for ETC style Play

The order of these costs, depending on the location of the ETC that year can be in the region of £1000 over the course of the selection process, practice days, the Six Nations Tournament and attendance at the event itself.

Potential candidates need to make sure they are comfortable they can commit to these numbers.

To this end upon selection players will be asked to pay a £100 deposit that is only refundable at the sole discretion of the Captain and his advisory committee.

5) Enthusiasm
The Selection Committee expect all prospective players to be enthusiastic about being a member of Team England, this will be evidenced in prospective players taking a positive approach to all activities that they are asked to undertake - no-one likes being around negative people and given the inherent stresses of the process any prospective player displaying such traits will do so at the detriment of their selection.

6) Gaming Ability
Clearly the Captain will assess all prospective player’s ability to play the game at the highest of level.

A) Individual Ability
Assessing playing ability will come through looking at a player’s results at tournaments over the past year and on their performances at practice days.

The ETC is a highly competitive environment and comes with additional pressures that players are not subject to in a single player environment. This requires that prospective players are able to demonstrate the ability to retain their composure under stress and remain focused on the task at hand regardless of the conditions they find themselves under.

B) Team Tournament Experience
Due to the ETC rules it is legal for players to play for different teams on different occasions. The Selection Committee feel that having played for another Home Nation (or indeed any other) ETC team does not preclude players for selection and actively encourages players wishing to gain ETC experience to explore this opportunity.

7) Understanding of the Meta-Game
An important part of preparing for the ETC is predicting what armies other countries will take and how tactics and army selection can be altered to take this into account. Hence a good theoretical understanding of the game and how the yearly rules changes affect it is important to have. Prospective players can show their understanding of the game through active discussion on the Team England Forum

8) Compatibility with existing team members / army selections
Flexibility is a key trait that will be looked for in potential players. With the meta-game constantly shifting, and new codices being released after selection, but before the ETC, players who can demonstrate the ability to adapt army or unit choices to best suite the teams needs increase their chances of selection

Selection Weekends
To allow perspective players to demonstrate their abilities other that through their performance throughout the year at the general tournaments the Captain should hold a series of selection weekends. The aim of which is to gain a good understanding of the abilities of perspective players and their suitability.

Perspective players should make all reasonable efforts to attend at least one of these events to maximise their chances for selection.

Post Selection Practice Weekends
The Captain will organise and run a series of practice days the aim of which is to ensure that once the team is selected they have the best possible chances of success. It is important to note that it is understood that prospective players have 'real-life' commitments and will not be able to attend all of these events - however failure to attend any and / or consistent late drop-out of these events will be to the detriment of the prospective players chances of to keeping their place on the team, as well as reflecting badly on next year’s selection chances.

It is worth remembering that post selection weekends are open to players outside the team to attend, and that participation at these events will reflect well on candidates wishing to apply for the team next year.

Prospective players need to be clear that they are being selected to be part of a team and as such the Captain will require that any prospective player demonstrates certain qualities as detailed below:

1) Team vs Individual
The Selection Committee are keen for prospective players to demonstrate their understanding that the Team comes first and that individual goals and personal preferences are secondary to this in all instances.

Examples of this include:

Army Selections - players must be willing to play any army - whilst player strengths will be considered, personal preferences will not

Peer Support - players will be expected to support their peers at all times during the process with advice, guidance, lending and travel / accommodation requirements

2) Ability to take Direction
The ability to play according to a given set of instructions is a critical capability of a player in a winning ETC Team, therefore particular attention will be paid to prospective players who display this capability. This will include pre-game instructions such as 'play for a draw', mid-game instructions such as 'push harder', and pre-event instructions with regards to army composition and item selection.

Failure to take direction from the Team Captain will be a significant detriment to candidates chances of continued team membership and future selection.

The ETC is a team event and such there is no place for individual egos from team members. This is not to say that passionate players aren’t wanted -simply players shouldn’t think they are 'better' or 'more qualified' than any other team member.

3) Team Forum
The primary means of communication and discussion of potential ideas is the Team England Forum. Prospective players shall be provided access to this forum and are expected to both visit this forum on a regular basis and to provide constructive input to the discussions that are being undertaken there.

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